The War and Peace Exhibit was produced with funding from the National Park Service.

Prints and Photographs

Battle of Sitka:  Louis S. Glanzman

Raven Warrior Print:  Bill Holm

Battle of Old Sitka:  Ray Troll

Alaska State Library, Three head-men of the Chilkat Tribe (1907), ASL-PCA-39, Case and Draper, Photographs, 1898-1920

Alaska State Library, Cowee-1, ASL-P01-1155, Alaska State Library Portrait File

Tlingit Dagger:  Dartmouth Hood Museum of Art

Deer Rock: Chuck Smythe

Exhibit Team

Project Directors: Rosita Worl and Chuck Smythe

Curator: Kaila Cogdill

Graphic Designer: Nobu Koch

Exhibit Photographers: Brian Wallace and Lyndsey Brollini

3-D Exhibit Designer: Kai Monture

Mountmaker: Jon Loring

IT:Jason Hanford-Smith

Hoke Designs

Special thanks to: Kathy Dye, Amy Fletcher, William Geiger, Breylan Martin, Emily Pastore, Taylor Rose Payer, and Miranda Worl